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How can public leaders confront complexity in today’s social challenges?

The Capacity Building Commission (CBC) helps the Chief Executive’s Office (CEO) to increase the effectiveness of its ambitious programs without compromising the efficiency in resource use and allocation. The CBC has conducted a high-level assessment of current ways of working and developed a needs analysis for technical and behavioral capabilities across ministries to achieve such a goal.

Among several capacity-building needs, applying systems thinking and translating bold ideas into actionable agendas stood out as critical for dealing with complex, ambiguous problems facing the CEO. They realized that modern conventions established throughout the 20th century about making and implementing top-down policies to support the economy of scale are being replaced by flexible and participatory approaches of bottom-up responses in an economy of choice.

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In partnership with the Capacity Building Commission, the Indian Institute of Public Administration, and the Transform Rural India Foundation.

We are building the capacity of senior leadership across ministries to deploy advanced design frameworks and methods in their work. By exposing public leaders and officers to systems design concepts, frameworks, and principles, we are helping them create a shared perspective and language regarding policy development and program design that can help translate bold ideas into an actionable agenda.

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