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How can corporate leaders work together when tackling complex social challenges?

Efforts to create systemic change in the past decades demonstrate that leaders can no longer think exclusively in terms of their own organizational boundaries, especially when aiming at improving well-being outcomes.


The rapid and interconnected social, technological, and ecological shifts are causing leaders to increase their capacity to cooperate across levels and sectors while adapting to a purpose-driven agenda.

While such demands create new urgencies—and opportunities—for leaders to create value for themselves, their stakeholders, including users, and the planet, they must deploy new frameworks and methods to help them adapt their siloed organizational practices into more collaborative forms to gain advantage in a more purpose-driven economy.

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In partnership with MindEscapes and the Transform Rural India Foundation.

Our goal is to support organizational leaders interested in systems change with advanced design frameworks and methods that can bolster their existing efforts and expand their ability gain a collaborative advantage in purpose-driven initiatives.

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