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How can the next generation of creative leaders tackle rural development challenges?

Global stakeholders aim to modernize rural development and meet contemporary demands for improved lifestyles. Despite advances in India, isolated actions by different stakeholders leave many low-wealth individuals unable to participate in the growing economy. The lack of interconnectedness between development initiatives burdens rural residents with the complexity of leveraging disjointed programs. Without system integration, these efforts yield only minor improvements.


Through immersion programs, international and Indian students engage in hands-on activities with Leap’s network of collaborators, local researchers from Indian universities, experienced field practitioners working in rural development, and other experts. Together, this diverse group explores alternative approaches for developing rural villagers and envision more integrated systems that can support the well-being of rural dwellers and the ecosystems in which they live.

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In partnership with IIT Institute of Design and FLAME University.

The overall goal of this immersion is to build capability in young professionals and experienced field practitioners to utilize advanced design frameworks and methods useful to create more integrative systems for rural development.

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