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Leading Systems Change By Design


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November 2-4, 2023


Program Fees


What is this program?

Why should I attend?

Management methods created 50 to 200 years ago became limited in dealing with today’s complexity. Design provides more integrative approaches that can help organizations create prosperous solutions with positive social and ecological impacts.

A 3-day immersive learning experience that exposes senior leaders from the private, public, social, and academic sectors to holistic design models that can support more integrative ways of working.

Unlike most design learning programs that teach steps in an innovation process, leaders will experience the power of using advanced frameworks and methods that reveal the relationships between the various forces influencing purpose-driven initiatives.

Created by Leap leadership while at the IIT Institute of Design and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, our models help multidisciplinary teams integrate viewpoints of strategy, operations, value creation, offerings, resources, and users, as they venture into the uncertain waters of complex endeavors ​requiring teams to: 


  • Navigate conflictual understandings of the problems to be tackled and how to move forward. 

  • Collaborate with diverse stakeholders within and outside their organization.

  • Integrate different types of knowledge and expertise into holistic solutions for complex and ambiguous problems.

Who is this program for?

We welcome senior leaders from across sectors seeking novel approaches to deal with complexity and experienced designers who want to learn how advanced models can bolster current efforts to lead systems change.


Roles of expected participants include Senior Designers, C-suite executives, CSR Directors, Founders, Presidents, Chief Strategy Officers, and Experienced Innovation and Growth Consultants.  Two people or more from a team are encouraged to attend together.

What will the experience be like?

We believe that people learn better in the context of their existing knowledge and are motivated to learn in the context of their interests.

This program is an immersive, highly interactive learning experience for participants to apply our models to an initiative of their choosing.


Over three days at the TERI Retreat Center, Gurugram, a selected group of leaders will be immersed in mini-lectures to introduce a framework, followed by applied activities and debriefs, when participants will engage actively with their peers and guest experts.


Key to our way of working is to take a fast, shallow, and broad view of an initiative by simultaneously considering forces from strategy, operations, offerings, value, users, resources, competencies, and their relationships. By the end of the program, you will leave with ways to:


  • Characterize stakeholders in the context of their aspirations, problems, and needs.

  • Explore offerings as integrated systems that can improve user experiences.

  • Visualize the value creation in a business ecosystem.

  • Map of competitors and potential collaborators.

  • Plan an organizational assessment integrating viewpoints of users, offerings, value, operations, and strategy.

How can I get involved?

We seek individuals with character and integrity to lead by example across industries and sectors in India.

Candidates must have experience promoting systems change and 20+ years of recognized senior leadership.  

The selection process is ongoing, and candidates may demonstrate their interest at any time. The chances of being accepted to the program increase the earlier a candidate applies, as the number of places is limited.


All participants must be motivated to tackle some of India’s most pressing challenges and recognize the value design can add to their next endeavor. Leaders of exceptional or unusual distinction may be invited at the discretion of the Leap leadership team.


The total program fee is ₹80000, and it includes lodging and meals at the TERI Retreat Center, Gurugram. Please use the link below to introduce yourself and share your interests.

Need more information?


Download the brochure of the program below or contact us at and we will get back to you.

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