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What if public health systems accommodated diversity in daily life? 


In partnership with the Transform Rural India Foundation and the Brown University School of Public Health, supported by the National Health Mission, local health departments, public and private health providers, digital health companies, community organizations, and policy experts.

India’s public health landscape is undergoing significant changes driven by the forces of privatization, digitalization, and socialization of healthcare practices. Each of these forces presents unique challenges and opportunities for healthcare delivery. Privatization has broadened healthcare access and quality but raised affordability and accessibility concerns. Digitalization has advanced healthcare information and service delivery, but the benefits are limited without connected decision-making processes and cultural shifts. Socialization has aimed to address healthcare inequalities and increase convenience, but its effectiveness varies across different regions and population groups.

Our goal is to explore the future of India’s public health through a collaborative platform that learns from past projects and ignites changes with bold, transformative services. Leveraging advanced design models, we’ll integrate people’s experiences with organizational strategies to navigate the challenges and opportunities of privatization, digitalization, and socialization.

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