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How might we connect health systems in tribal communities of Chhattisgarh?

Millions of people in remote, rural areas of Chhattisgarh are struggling to access health services due to various technical, socio-economic, and behavioral factors. These include lack of connectivity, inability to travel, lack of healthcare facilities, affordability of care, exclusive belief in faith-based healing, and provision of inadequate care, among others.


Haat Bazaar Clinics are mobile services at weekly local markets frequented by tribal communities, farmers, and producers. These clinics provide free essential medical services, including screenings and medications, to market visitors. Each clinic consists of a doctor, a nurse, a lab technician, and a multi-purpose worker. However, despite their vital role, these clinics face challenges, including resource shortages and operational difficulties, and have to deal with behavioral barriers related to privacy, dignity, and patient referrals.

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In partnership with the Transform Rural India Foundation, and supported by the National Health Mission, Chhattisgarh Department of Health, district administrations, local markets, health facilities, and community leaders.

Our goal is to advance the Haat Bazaar Clinic initiative by creating and demonstrating an integrated care model for improving the health outcomes of tribal communities.

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