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How might we build the capacity of local governing institutions in rural villages to achieve shared goals?

Each with their own goals, many governing bodies in rural areas evolved in response to specific demands and opportunities to improve rural livelihood. Today, these institutions co-exist, acting autonomously seeking to fulfill their respective missions while often serving the same population in the same context and at the same time. Without effective ways to connect disjointed governing bodies, their fragmented efforts might merely evolve existing initiatives towards marginally improved ones. 


Starting at the block level in Angada Block of Jharkhand, this program leverages design knowledge for increasing community agency and ability to promote sustainable development. Underlying this journey is the recognition that collaboration and coordination among government departments, local representatives, self-help groups (SHGs) and their federations, and other local stakeholders governing the village life are critical to achieve sustainable social transformation.

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In partnership with the Transform Rural India Foundation.

Our goal is to create, pilot, and protocol an approach for expanding the capacity of local institutions governing rural villagers to achieve shared goals.

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