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How might we build the capacity of nurses to integrate behavioral factors into their care practices?


In partnership with the Transform Rural India Foundation, and supported by the Jharkhand National Health Mission, the Jharkhand Health Department, the State Nursing Council, Nursing Colleges, the Institute of Public Health, and the ANM Training Centers.

Currently, there are 6500 Nursing Staff in Jharkhand, working in both private and public systems. All of them were educated by the curriculum guidelines provided by the State Nursing Council. Once in the public system, nurses are trained in the Institute of Public Health (administrative) and the ANM Training Centers (practical) to ensure state standards are followed. 

While there is a system in place, the offerings are fragmented and there is no proper structure for upskilling paths for nurses. Additionally, all curriculum is focused on advancing medical and clinical knowledge, with very little consideration of behavioral or innovative, responsive, and patient-centered practices.

Our goal is to expand the ability of nurses to integrate considerations of behavior factors influencing poor health outcomes when delivering care. 

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