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What if public health systems accommodated diversity in daily life?

India's public health landscape is undergoing significant changes driven by seismic forces, such as privatization, digitalization, and the socialization of health practices. Each of these forces presents unique opportunities and challenges for public health systems to adapt and better accommodate the diversity of health needs and aspirations in people’s life. 


 Creating solutions for each specific challenge is fraught with promises of uncertain benefits in the distant future and the fear of high costs today. Without focusing on the intersections of complex challenges, organizations won’t be able to narrow their focus to a more actionable scale and identify common issues relevant to public health systems and the people they serve.

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In collaboration with researchers at the Brown University School of Public Health, supported by the Transform Rural India Foundation, the National Health Mission, local health departments, public and private health providers, digital health companies, community organizations, and policy experts.

Our goal is to identify potential challenges and opportunities at the intersection of these three contemporary forces and explore alternatives to existing public health systems through a collaborative platform that learns from past projects and ignites changes with bold, transformative services.

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